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Mel'z Musings

Yippie Kai Yay Mutha Fucker

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My Main Luv's R
***OMFG Meryl F**kn Streep SeriouslY <3 That Chick!!!
***Law & Order SVU...Mariska Hargitay *Drool*
***Hip Hop & R&B Music
***Movies Anything Meryl & I think I Have All of them
***Tv: The Office, RHOA, L Word, Svu, Dave Letterman, Ellen
***Hate GEorge Bush & Am Against the IRaq War & Detest Republicans
***Luv LuV Luv Kathy Griffin
***Luv a drink mainly white wine, hurricanes & shots & a icy aussie beer always goes down well
*** I enjoy the occasional Blunt...I'm gangsta like that.
***I am also a girl gamer, like lots of diff games, my fav game is the Sims2
***Big Sports Fan, My Fav Is NRL/NFl/NHL
***I Like To Travel & I Love Photography
*** I Love My Awesome Family & Awsomer Friends :D